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Digital Mindfulness Retreats® with Christina Malecka, MA LMHC

About Anisha


ANISHA BARTLEY is the Social Media Director at Unplug Reconnect Restore: Digital Mindfulness Retreats and Workshops. She is a Clinical Mental Health Counseling graduate student with a love for creativity and cultivating positive change. As the social media director, she enjoys promoting new social engagements and creating authentic and informative content for viewers! Anisha has combined her love for relationship building with social media to connect individuals from all walks of life.

About Bettina

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BETTINA JONES is the Gigs and Logistics Goddess at Unplug Reconnect Restore: Digital Mindfulness Retreats and Workshops. She discovered a love for planning events by planning parties for friends, family and workplaces – it eventually led her to a Meeting, Conference and Special Events certificate from NYU.  Bettina finds it a joy to connect people through events, collaborations and networking.  She believes in the power of community and is confident there’s one or two for everyone.  And if not, they have the power to create one!

About Christina


CHRISTINA MALECKA is the creator, facilitator and instigator at Unplug Reconnect Restore: Digital Mindfulness Retreats and Workshops. A community organizer turned Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Christina brings over 25 years of experience with change-making, group facilitation, mindfulness training and workshop development. She loves creating nurturing experiences and holding space for people, and was inspired to create her Digital Mindfulness Retreats after her own profound experience with digital detox and re-set.

About Mark


MARK HARTLEY is the Head of Technology for Digital Mindfulness Retreats.

Mark handles updates to our website (Squarespace), supports our email marketing systems (Mailchimp), helps to design our marketing materials (Photoshop), creates beautiful brochures and handouts (Apple Pages), and makes sure all our IT systems can talk to each other (Google Drive, Dropbox, and more!).

If you run into a tech problem related to Digital Mindfulness Retreats, Mark would love to solve it for you. (And if you have questions & compliments, don’t hesitate to send those over as well!)